Koreen (Cory) Brennan – Permaculture Leader

Koreen (Cory) Brennan - Permaculture Teacher and Leader


Koreen is a graduate of the Permaculture Design Course and the Sustainable Aid Course. Her mentors are Larry Santoyo, Toby Hemenway, Scott Pittman and Robyn Francis

Koreen, is currently managing the execution of a comprehensive permaculture design at Pine Ridge reservation. The design includes food forestry, garden, swales, straw bale building, wind, education of youth and adults, mobile library, local economy, intentional community, and interaction with other programs on the reservation.

She responded to the earthquake disaster in Haiti by getting six sanitation/water experts there to save lives. She got two personnel from Ministry of Environment Haiti trained as permaculture designers in the US. Four of the six people have stayed active in Haiti, getting compost toilets and permaculture into use.

Koreen as taught permaculture in Los Angeles, Pine Ridge reservation, Miami, Tuskegee University, and Tampa Bay, FL. She teaches the Permaculture Design Course, Food Forestry, and Intro to Permaculture weekend workshop as well as smaller specialty courses. Contact her through the link bellow if you would like to arrange for her to teach your group.

What makes her courses so attractive and successful – her students actually apply what they learned from her – is that she studied and uses alternative education methods including indigenous methods for more than 10 years and includes these in her courses. OShe further offers mentoring during and after the course for those who seek professional guidance in executing their projects.

Koreen is also available for design consultation.

In this video, you can see Erik Ohlsen teaching permaculture basics:

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Visit Koreen’s site and join her News letter at this link!


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