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Organic Gardening Essentials (The Organic Gardening Academy)

Pinned on June 25, 2013 at 1:47 pm by Rebecca Stephens

Organic Gardening Essentials (The Organic Gardening Academy)

This the the first volume of four in an exciting new series of essential Guides for the organic gardener and perhaps more importantly, for the beginner.

All four of the guides
are in line with the Inorganic Gardening Academy Website. The content is the subject of considerable research and confirmed in consultation with learned papers and encyclopaedia.

Gardening is very often a hobby
for people and to do the same thing organically is a very simple process. All you have to do is use nature instead of spending money on damaging chemical solutions.

In this first volume there is a host of information , contained behind the following headlines.

Welcome to the Organic Gardening Academy!
Tooling up.
Planning Your Herb Garden.
Planning Your Veggie Garden.
Planning Your Flower Garden.
Preparing Your Garden.
Plants or Seeds; Which One is Right for Your Garden?
All About Composting.
Fertilizers; what are they and how you should use them.
Caring for and maintaining your Garden.
Some Gardening Do’s and Don’ts.

This guide is not just for the Enthusiast but the General Gardener too.


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