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Ocean Wave Energy Conversion (Alternate Energy Series)

Pinned on December 14, 2013 at 6:05 am by Darryl Turner

Ocean Wave Energy Conversion (Alternate Energy Series)

This volume will prove of vital interest to those studying the use of renewable resources. Scientists, engineers, and inventors will find it a valuable review of ocean wave mechanics as well as an introduction to wave energy conversion. It presents physical and mathematical descriptions of the nine generic wave energy conversion techniques, along with their uses and performance characteristics.
Author Michael E. McCormick is the Corbin A. McNeill Professor of Naval Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy. In addition to his timely and significant coverage of possible environmental effects associated with wave energy conversion, he provides a separate treatment of several electro-mechanical energy conversion techniques. Many worked examples throughout the book will be particularly useful to readers with a limited mathematical background. Those interested in research and development will benefit from the extensive bibliography.


John C. Briggs "John C. Briggs" says:

Reasonable, but old This is a reasonable read with a lot of good information. There are many equations available to help the engineer understand the physics of what is happening. Non-engineers may want to find a different book, or skip over any sections with equations. Unfortunately, there are numerous errors in the equations. One great thing is that there are a lot or “worked examples” in this book so it is possible to test your understanding of the equations (and prove that the book has errors).Perhaps the bigger problem with the book is that it is so old (1981). Wave power has progress a lot since then. The book is well written and carefully considered. It is unfortunate that no one has had a chance to update the book. On the other hand, the physics of wave power does not change, so that section of the book is fine. If the author writes a Wave Power 2010, I would definitely pick that up.

Anonymous says:

I borrowed this from the local varsity library and appreciated it’s excellent readable style, dual unit use and relevant examples so much as to make this a must buy and I have done just that. Sensible comparison of various wave energy conversion technologies show how to assess WEC methods. As a prelude to McCormick’s later, more advanced books, this is certainly one that should involve the reader in this fascinating technology.

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