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Mini Farm 101: How to Farm in Your Backyard and Grow Your Own Organic Food (Urban Farming 101 Series) (Volume 1)

Pinned on October 31, 2014 at 6:37 pm by Jeff Chance

Mini Farm 101: How to Farm in Your Backyard and Grow Your Own Organic Food (Urban Farming 101 Series) (Volume 1)

In this modern world with all of the advances in science and technology, it is often hard to be sure what chemicals you are ingesting with your food. The only way that one can be certain of what goes into the food that they are eating is to grow it themselves. This eBook is the perfect guide to starting your own mini farm at home and growing your own food. Take a look at the advantages to having your own mini farm and a complete guide to starting one from scratch. This includes the materials you will need and the steps needed to prepare the land for growing food. Get ready to be amazed at all of the options that you have for crops. There are a number of fruits and vegetables that your mini farm can yield: tomatoes, watermelon, spinach, blueberries… the list goes on. This also leads to great, healthy snacks to serve your family and friends. Finally, be inspired by tips for a successful mini farm. This eBook will teach you how to harvest, the perfect items to include in compost to help your crops grow, and tips for expanding your mini farm if you ever want to grow more. This amazing eBook is the guide that every aspiring mini farmer needs in order to grow their crops successfully. After reading, you will feel fully prepared and eager to get started and learn more about mini farming, so pick up your copy today!

Comments From Other Readers

“As someone who has become increasingly concerned about the chemicals and pesticides that tend to show up in ‘fresh foods’ purchased from the grocer, I found this book to be an invaluable resource in becoming independent from those establishments in buying my fruits and vegetables. Finally, I can eat healthy without worrying about what worse things I may be putting into my body, and it’s all thanks to this mini farm guide!” – Stewart V. (Fredricksburg, USA) “I appreciate the fact that the author does not simply get you started, give a couple of tips, and then leaves you to figure the rest out on your own. Rather, this book gives a clear rundown of the many examples of crops one can grow in their mini farm, as well as a guide on how to make composting the most effective. The author even accounts for future expansion of your mini farm. A great book that covers all the bases.” – Gwen O. (Lincoln, UK) “When you retire, you find yourself with a lot more free time than you had while you were working week after week. What better way to pass the time than finding a hobby that can also benefit your friends and family? Thanks to this book, I was able to pick up mini farming very quickly, and this past year yielded a great amount of crops for meals and snacks. I may take those expansion tips as well!” – Linda R. (Springfield, USA) Tags: mini farm, mini farming, agriculture, hobby, fruits, vegetables, fresh food, urban farming, grow fruit indoors, urban farm, backyard farming, backyard farm, backyard chicken, organic food, indoor vegetables, square foot gardening, pest control, berries growing, off the grid, survival gardening, urban homesteading, vertical gardening, balcony gardening


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