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Little House in the Suburbs: Backyard farming and home skills for self-sufficient living

Pinned on September 21, 2012 at 5:05 am by Walter Parris

Little House in the Suburbs: Backyard farming and home skills for self-sufficient living

Self-Sufficiency in the Suburbs!

Gardens, goats and chickens in the suburbs? Absolutely!

The easy-to-follow advice in this book will show you everything you need to know to enjoy an abundant, independent life on food and products grown in your own back yard. You may feel like you have superpowers the first time you prepare a meal using only ingredients you grew in your garden. And is there anything you can’t do after you lather up with a bar of soap that you made in your own home? This book is full of recipes and tips that will help you discover the joy of self-sufficiency. Do’?t worry; suburban gardening doesn’t mean you have to rip up your yard, or risk being ostracized by neighbors or your municipality or homeowners association.

Inside you’ll find:


Brendalynn says:

What a delightful book! This book is one of the better books for those that want to become self suficient and learn more about urban farming. The authors are not only funny but great at taking you step by step through some of the processes that may seem intimidating. We purchased chickens and used the book for a guide as to what to expect each week as they grow. They even help you decide on what breed. I found myself reading excerpts out loud to people because some of their chicken stories are so funny. I also felt the beekeeping section was very thorough. I personally would love to start bee keeping and feel I actually could after reading this book. The rest of the book is filled with great ideas, easy recipes and things to do to make your family and your household more productive, less reliant on stores and healthier! (big bonus!) The authors have a blog and a newsletter that you can sign up for and I found that to be very helpful and informational as well.

Debbie A. Britnell says:

The Book is GREAT! I received my copy of Little House in the Suburbs today. I was never so excited. I originally purchased it for my son but it is so good that I decided to keep it for myself. It has many recipes for basic foods…like mayo and mustard, as well as raising gardens and animals as well as making gifts from things you have around the house. There is something of interest for everyone. The book is VERY WELL written and simple to follow. I am going to order 2 more copies of this book for my kids. They are trying to learn to be self sufficient so I know this book will help them too. It is all about Backyard farming and home skills so if you are interested in this….this book is for you.

AAyers says:

Love this book! I have tried to read other gardening and homesteading books only to be left both bored and overwhelmed. This is the first book of it’s kind that I have found encouraging and thoroughly entertaining! These two women know their stuff and they convey the information simply and with terrific humor. I haven’t found one page that has overwhelmed or bored me, it’s all good! And with all of the new insight I’ve gleaned, I really feel like I can do this, despite my “gray” thumb! Love this book and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try their hand at gardening or keeping chickens/goats/bees, in the suburbs…how cool is that?!

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