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Essential Energy Balancing III: Living with the Goddess

Pinned on March 5, 2013 at 8:50 pm by Pedro Ochoa

Essential Energy Balancing III: Living with the Goddess

“To heal oneself means to heal the world.” With this starkly simple statement, Diane Stein draws upon the great mystical traditions, including Kundalini yoga, Wicca, Taoism, and more. In the final installment of her ENERGY BALANCING trilogy, she discusses 24 processes for healing individual and collective karma on the cosmic level.
The much-anticipated culmination of Diane Stein’s definitive three-volume investigation into the realm of multidimensional energetic healing.Illuminates the cosmology explored in the earlier books and provides 24 new applications for readers seeking the most advanced levels of spiritual growth. Diane Stein’s books have sold more than 600,000 copies.


Hester Gillespie says:

Thank you Lords of Karma! I have read and done the processes in this whole series starting with Essential Energy Balancing I. I don’t know that I would have if I didn’t have such a high regard for Diane’s earlier work Essential Reiki, because the contents of this series is pretty far out! Trust it though, and give it an honest, open-minded try and you will be astounded. So much weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and from my heart, I am a new person. These books truly are transformational.

The Goddess "a discriminating reader" says:

awesome – life changing – but read the first two in the series first This book is as life-changing as the first couple in the series. One builds on the next. I was skeptical at first – but wow am I glad I went into it with an open mind and tried out these processes. The shift I experienced is hard to describe with mere words. Try it and you’ll see!!!

C. Agosta says:

Stein’s essential Energy Balancing III While Stein’s books can be challenging to understand, her connection to spiritual guidance is clear. Each time I complete one of her Essential Energy Balancing books, I am able to understand her work more clearly. This is the third in her series. I encourage everyone who wishes to evolve and heal to guide yourself thru all of her Essential Energy books. Tremendous amounts of healing can take place.

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