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Energy SourceBook: The Fundamentals of Personal Energy

Pinned on February 20, 2013 at 1:53 am by Steve Thomas

Energy SourceBook: The Fundamentals of Personal Energy

Becoming aware of your personal energy is the first step toward understanding and maximizing its power. The Energy SourceBook can help you discover the fundamentals of personal energy-how to balance, increase, and use it for healing yourself and others.  

Experienced in both traditional and alternative healing, Dr. Jill Henry explores four energy theories in depth: meditation, feng shui, polarity energy balance, and chakra work. Energy work is a highly effective, yet easy, tool for well-being and transformation. This comprehensive guide teaches you the techniques behind the theories, offering more than 150 simple exercises and activities.

 •Determine your mind-body type with a polarity energy self-assessment
• Unblock trapped physical and mental energy patterns for greater well-being
• Assist others to release their own energy blocks
• Perform simple yet powerful exercises to balance emotions and promote healing
• Discover how to use relaxation and meditation as catalysts for positive change    
• Apply universal energy laws to help resolve problems-physical, mental,
  financial, environmental, and more
• Attract good health, harmony, and balance into your life using feng shui
• Use energy work to help build a more peaceful and abundant world

 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) tied-2nd Runner Up for Alternative Health category




P. Weining says:

A must-read for anyone interested in creating Well Being! With just the right balance of theory and real-world experience, Dr. Jill Henry’s Energy SourceBook flows just as the energy it helps us to tap into. Chock full of information, the book guides readers to achieve a state of well being by feeling the “flow” and working with it, balancing personal energy for a healthier body, mind and spirit. The writing style is very accessible to both layperson and practitioner. Dr. Henry’s warmth and spirit are evident as she speaks directly to the reader and shares her own personal experiences as well as her knowledge of the topics. In her own words, this book is “a sharing of practical, `how to’ information to transform your inner world and then see the transformations occur in your outer world.” I found it to be exactly that and more.In the Introduction to Energy SourceBook, Dr. Henry states, a “Well Being” is a person whose essence has risen from the depths to the surface and now flows naturally forth in health and prosperity, to live life with skill and thankfulness. The energy of Well Being is capable of transforming fear into love, illness into wellness, isolation into unity, and work into calling. Well Being enables you, and me, to cope with and effect change in our lives, and to improve the quality of not only our own lives, but also the lives of people around us.”Throughout the book, we are guided to develop our own skills for accessing, increasing and balancing the underlying flow of energy that creates well being. Energy SourceBook offers a graceful introduction to such esoteric topics as Meditation and Relaxation, the Chakras, the Five Elements and Feng Shui. It is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the healing arts, whether personal or professional.This is a practical guide – a true SourceBook as the name indicates. I was pleasantly surprised by how much information was included in the book’s approximately 200 pages. There are many references to the work of other scholars and practitioners, complied in a way that flows, connecting topics in an easy, synergistic manner. Energy SourceBook incorporates tools, techniques and practices, including several easy-to follow exercises (which I have a tendency to skip over in other books!). In this case, the exercises are well worth the bit of self-reflection and effort required.Dr. Henry’s writing style is both clear and concise. Just as valuable when approached one topic at a time as when the book is read as a whole, there are no “rules” for using this book. The chapters are short and the material organized in a manner that makes it easy to use for reference. Charts are included to highlight important points, and there is an interesting introduction to and summary of each topic. The bibliography is a great starting point for further exploration. Dr. Henry provides brief, helpful descriptions of each of the books, organizations and other resources she references.Energy Sourcebook, and the exercises within, can be viewed as an exploration, an adventure into personal Well Being. I highly recommend this little gem of a book. Keep it with you on your journey!

Shakir Gorges "Book Lover" says:

Enjoy the moment This book is a Good source for attracting energy.The benefits are tremendous and instant.Reading this book is like going through a healing process toward a new land of fear free and worry free. The book helps every body wants to see the life pure and worth to live and enjoy every minute of it.By reading this book every one can attract energy that heals the spirit,mind, and the body.This book teaches you how to enjoy the now and be a prductive person in the society.SHAKIR GORGESDoctor of Metaphysical Science

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