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Emergency Food Survival Seed 54 Variety 34,000 Organic Non Gmo Seeds

Pinned on August 5, 2014 at 7:48 am by Steve Thomas

Emergency Food Survival Seed 54 Variety 34,000 Organic Non Gmo Seeds

YOUR ORDER WILL INCLUDE 54 VARIETIES 33,000 SEEDS OF NON GMO NON HYBRID HEIRLOOM AAA PREMIUM SEED CUTTING THROUGH THE MATRIX 1.Rutgers TOMATO (150plus +SEEDS) very tasty 2. Blue Lake Snap Bean great flavor(50plus + seeds) 3. Dark Red Kidney Bean great in chili (50plus + seeds 4. Buttercrunch Lettuce (550plus+ seeds) 5. GREEN Broccoli (150plus+ seeds) 6. CABBAGE ALL SEASON (100plus+ seeds) 7. Scarlet Nantes CARROT very tasty(600+plus seeds) 8. Golden Corn (50+plus seeds) 9. CANTALOUPE HALES BEST JUMBO(50+plus seeds) 10. Marketmore Cucumber (50+plus seeds) all time favorite 11. Straigt Eight cucumber tasty (50+plus seeds) 12. Eggplant black beauty(50+plus seeds)Great in many recipes 13. Cherry Belle Radish (50+plus seeds)salad favorite 14. Spinach (50+plus seeds) 15.California Wonder Bell Pepper (50+plus seeds) 16. Jalapeno Pepper (50+plus seeds) A favorite 17 Watermelon (50+plus seeds) super tasty too 18. Yellow Crookneck Squash (50+plus seeds) 19. Zucchini Black Beauty (50+plus seeds) Great In Italian Recipes 20.Long Red Cayenne Pepper (50+plus seeds)great in hot spicy recipes 21. ONION (100+plus seeds) Fast Grower Tastes Great 22.Dark Red Beet (50+plus seeds) Great Taste 23.Henderson Lima Beans (50+plus seeds) 24. Sunflower Seeds (50+plus seeds) SUN FLOWER SEEDS ARE FUN TO EAT 25. BEEFSTEAK TOMATO (100+plus seeds)yummy all time favorite 26. TURNIP SEVEN TOP TURNIP GREENS(5500+plus seeds GREAT TASTE ) 27.COLLARDS GEORGIA SOUTHERN COLLARD GREENS (5500 seeds)FANTASTIC FAVORITE GREAT TASTE 28. CELERY (3,000+PLUS SEEDS)GREAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND SALADS 29. PUMPKIN (25 SEEDS) GREAT IN PIES 30.BRUSSELS SPROUTS(100 seeds) VERY TASTY 31. COW PEAS (30 seeds ) Black eyed peas a favorite dish for centuries 32. PEAS GREEN PEAS ARE TASTY 33. CILANTRO (50 seeds) great in latin dishes 34 Roma Tomato 100seeds 35. OKRA clemson spineless 36. Cauliflower snowball 37. Cowpeas 38. Butternut Squash (25-30 Seeds)39. Endive (100 seeds) 40. Swiss Chard + 11 Herb Pack For free til 03/12/2012

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