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Eating Organic on a Budget

Pinned on September 18, 2012 at 9:06 pm by Cathy Pounders

Eating Organic on a Budget

Do you want to eat healthy but wish it was more affordable? Do you wonder whether to buy or not to buy organic? Which fruits and vegetables can you buy nonorganic, with low pesticide residue? Eating Organic on a Budget is a easy-to-read guide on how to eat healthy and natural on a small budget.

· Where to find organic coupons and deals so you don’t have to pay full price
· How to save up to 50% off organic produce
· Food Shoppers Guide: When groceries go on sale so you can stock up
· Where to get deals on organic meat
· What fruits and vegetables you can buy conventional, with peace of mind
· Where are the best places to buy organic foods


RGHernandez says:

Quick and easy read — straight to the point This e-book was a lot shorter than I expected, making it a very quick read for someone who needs a starting point in how to eat organic, well, on a budget. There is plenty of great advice and tips for those who are new to living on their own and don’t yet know how to budget their income.I love the shopper’s guide to grocery sales — this is very useful to keep in mind for long term shopping.There is great and useful info on when to buy non-organic food and produce with lowest level of pesticides. This information is new to me since I never bothered to look into it.I also like the free organic produce guide, which I think adds a nice touch to the advice this book shares.This is highly recommended for the college students, you can do better than ramen!! It is a quick read, and so very easy to refer to when you’re getting ready to shop and need a reminder what and where to buy.

Beatrice Dong says:

A helpful guide to shopping organically This little book is packed full of tips and resources for shopping organically on a budget. There’s no excuse to pay full price any more! Fanny tells you how to shop, where to shop, where to find the best deals and even lists websites to find coupons for organic products. She offers techniques from food budget planning, to information on what produce to buy organic by season, to supermarket return policies. It has everything you need to know to buy organically without spending too much as well as make educated decisions when grocery shopping for yourself or your family. You’ll refer to this book again and again.

Mr. Ian J. Stables "Ian Stables" says:

It works Although I’ve written a book called “Lose Weight Without Dieting: The scientific way to lose weight without dieting and lose belly fat fast”, I still need to eat healthily. Not for weight loss but for health.Eating healthy can often prove expensive. However, I have to say, by following this plan, you really can make it fit within your budget. It contains loads of information and a plan to follow. Highly recommended.

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