Cathy Bersier, Author and Speaker

Cathy Bersier, Author and Speaker

Cathy trained as a speach therapist in Ohio, at the Bowling Green College, and very fast started to coach winning college speakers.

She has been an acclaimed Toastmater state champion and tells stories like no one else!

She became very fascinated by nature early on, and became Koreen Brennan’s permaculture partner since 2007.

Cathy being deeply moved by inspiring teachers, she decided to focus her attention on inspiring and motivating her fellow human beings in caring for our planet and playing ground!

Here is a video which expresses how Cathy feels about our home, planet Earth! “Safeguard and Protect your Environment!”

Safeguard and improve your environment

Watch Now 🙂

Join Cathy and do your part to create a better place in which to live on.

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