Biz Review

This is the area that you will write your review for this business. Share the experience you had while visiting this establishment. You want to become the community expert for restaurants in your area. By positioning yourself in this manner, you will be respected and the local restaurants will be calling to do business with you.
This review template is set up to be used over and over again for all of your review pages. Change the Name, Facebook Fanpage Link, Picture, Text, and Video. That’s it. Very simple way to become the restaurant social media expert for your community. As you can see the review text will flow if you keep the review word count about the same as you are reading now. It will keep the integrity of the Review Template.

Same thing down here. You will want to just add more valuable content about the restaurant you are reviewing. If they do have a video or you create one for them ($hint$) you could talk about the video a little in this section.

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